Miracle dad thought dead after he’s crushed in van wreckage for two HOURS survives

A driver told of his miracle survival after being trapped in the wreckage of his van for two painstaking hours.

Michael Radford, 39, woke up crushed in his vehicle after getting sandwiched between two lorries in a major motorway crash.

The dad of three said firefighters “thought he was dead” after the horror smash which happened while he queued in standstill traffic after missing his exit on his drive home.

Ever since then, he has questioned how he made it out alive, reports Manchester Evening News.

“I don’t remember much about the initial impact, I completely blacked out,” Michael recalled.

“Then I regained consciousness and I woke up crushed. I couldn’t see what was going on and I was out of it.

“It took the fire brigade around two hours to cut me out and I was airlifted to hospital.

“I had become wedged against my steering wheel and the front of the van was completely crushed to the size of a Ford KA. I was stuck.”

Michael suffered a fractured spine, several broken ribs and an eye injury in the traumatic crash which took place at junction 10 of the M56 in April.

“When the fire crews turned up, they told me they had thought I was dead with how badly damaged my van was,” he added.

“Even I look back at pictures now and ask myself ‘how I am still alive’?”

The water mains engineer has been off work ever since the crash and said he is scared at the thought of getting behind the wheel again.

Emergency services were called to the incident on the eastbound carriageway at around 5.30pm.

Michael said he ‘blacked out’ for a short moment after the impact of the crash.

However, he will never forget the agonising hours he spent trapped in his van, praying he would make it out as fire crews attempted to desperately cut him free.

“I should’ve come off at Junction 10 to go home but I missed the turning,” he said.

“The board was flashing 50 miles per hour because they had closed off the motorway further down and there was traffic, so I began slowing down.

“I am still recovering now. It has been a nightmare. I am having a lot of physiotherapy and still go to see spinal specialist. It was traumatic.

“I drive for a living and am on the motorway pretty much 24/7. I see and hear about crashes all the time but you never think something like this is going to happen to you.

“I have only been a passenger in a car since and still haven’t driven yet. I don’t know how I am going to feel when I have to go back to work and drive on the motorway again.

“This wouldn’t have happened to me if I hadn’t missed my turning and left at the right junction, but it could’ve been someone else.”

Cheshire Police said that a 39-year-old man from Bury had been arrested on suspicion of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

He was later released under investigation with enquiries into the incident still ongoing.

Five fire engines attended the scene along with a major rescue unit, according to Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service.

“The crews removed one person who was trapped in one of the vehicles and handed them to the care of paramedics,” a spokesperson said.